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How and where we work has changed for good. Work near home and enjoy flexibility, convenience and time for family & friends.

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Less commuting, more community
Welcome to a new type of local workspace, designed for how we work today - and how we’ll work tomorrow.


Inspiring spaces

Thoughtful, design-led spaces that you actually want to spend time in. We’re bringing the best of modern co-working to you.
Work withoutworries

Work without worries

Superfast wifi, ergonomic desks, meeting rooms, private phone booths. We take care of everything, so you can stay focussed.
Real world connection

Real world connection

A community of local people who share your streets. A programme of events designed to foster collaboration and connection.

Flexible memberships
available now in Chelmsford

Associate (4 or 8)


Perfect for occasional use.

Access to our co-working spaces for either 4 or 8 days a month, with extra half days available to add on.

Meeting room credits and all the basics included.



Unlimited access to our membership space and community.

Leave your favourite set up here in our glorious top floor Library area.

Full access to break out and flexible spaces whenever you need them.



Just the right spaces for small teams.

Privacy and focus, with a registered address & mailroom included.

Team spaces all open onto Patch’s communal areas.


We believe in high street access to work, culture and community events. We recently held our first Festival of Ideas in Chelmsford.

The Work Near Home movement

Man holding a bicycle.

The 50 hour family work week. 2 parents, 2 jobs.

A couple used to an 80 hour work week between them might suddenly find they have a lot more time for family. We enjoyed this thought provoking redesign of the shared working week from blogger Tom Evslin.

Read Tom's blog post
Patch work near home branding

Read our founder's vision for 'Work Near Home'

Why are we building Patch? Our founder has laid out the thinking behind our big idea for a more happy, sustainable and balanced future.

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Early 20thC suffragette march

"This isn’t a convenience issue, this is a fairness issue"

Traditional work patterns unfairly penalise women, more frequently in caregiver or parenting roles. Inspired by Rebecca Seal, Blogger Bruce Daisley lays out how we can use this moment to restore some fairness.

Read Bruce's blog
A yoga class.

"Do you get the work done? Great. Now you can decide where and how you do it."

Office presenteeism is dead. Academic, author and cultural observer Anne Helen Peterson asks what the implications are for employee empowerment.

Read on Anne's newsletter
London office building

"Just like every consumer product, the office will have to continually fight for its customers and meet their needs"

Buildings and office landlords have been several steps removed from 'us' as users. But, as real estate observer Dror Poleg argues, this outdated approach will now end.

Read on the New York Times
Cover page for the Demos publication.

The case for political change: Julia Hobsbawm

In their first publication of the Workshift Commission, think tank Demos have published a compelling case for governmental reform, focussed on structural outcomes for our society, focussed on a full definition of health.

Read the 'Nowhere Office' report

Near to where you live.

Near to what you love.

It's time we built a better balance for ourselves, our environments and our communities. This is what we believe and we'd like you to join us in that mission.

Discover the mission

Patch is backed by an experienced network of startup investors and operators, who’ve previously built and backed some of the UK’s leading companies.

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Working Near Home?

We’re starting with three sites, with the first at the historic Gray and Sons Brewery in Chelmsford, Essex. Sign up for updates and we’ll keep you posted as we build the movement.

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