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Our workday is changing. Work near home to enjoy a better balance of work, life and community.

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Work Near Home for a better work life balance

Patch creates dynamic work clubs and community venues for our local high streets. Patch is open and available to everyone, coming to a high street near you soon.

Our workspace memberships are designed to support a balanced, productive, and enjoyable workday. Our event spaces are a community meeting point, hosting a range of locally led events centered on learning, creativity and fun.

Inspiring workspaces on a highstreet near you

Choose Patch for a brilliant workday close to where you live.



For a better work life balance, become a member of our first space - in Chelmsford’s historic Grays Yard.
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We’re building Patch’s on high streets across the UK. Tell us where you’d like to see the next Patch!
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Patch is the new place for work, events, and community on your high street. We create places that celebrate the people, businesses, and organisations that make the areas we live distinctive and special.

Work near home

Join Patch for a workday crafted around you. Our spaces are designed to support focused work in a friendly and professional environment.


At Patch, you can choose a membership that suits your working rhythm - from flexible coworking to dedicated desks and private offices.


Patch is a place to come to meet new people and explore new ideas. We host a public programme of events including workshops, pop-up shops, talks, performances, and networking events.
I want to be a good dad and spend more time with my son. Patch is a more cost-effective alternative to London that provides a better atmosphere and opportunities, without the daily commute.
Patch has brought me a sense of community that I missed when I was working from home. When I come here, the place makes me feel part of something special. I can nip to one of the local independent restaurants during my work day!
Patch has enabled me to achieve what I thought was impossible. I can separate work from home without having to commute. I really enjoy the balance between a positive work environment (alongside my dog) - and the extra time with my family. 
My team is all in different time zones and countries which means I have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Most of all, it's great to be part of a venture that supports and values local businesses!
After moving to Chelmsford during the pandemic I found myself wanting to see more than my four walls. Commuting to London was a waste. Patch allows me to have a great office environment without the headache or cost of commuting.

The Work Near Home movement

How and where we work has changed for good. Learn more about Work Near Home and the benefits of this better work-life balance to individuals, businesses, and communities.


Our vision for Patch & the power of near

Why are we building Patch? The thinking behind our big idea for a more happy, sustainable and balanced future.
Read the Work Near Home manifesto

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3 Ways to join the Work Near Home community

We’re building a national network of neighbourhood workspaces and will be sharing news, ideas and plans from the Work Near Home world. Sign up to discover more and get involved.